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nonprofit / education Trainings


EPIC's trainings are designed for nonprofit and education professionals who currently provide services to youth with disabilities or who are looking to broaden their services and workforce to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our training programs are customizable and suitable for all. Whether you are a team of teachers, clinicians, community organizers, or diversity professionals, EPIC can help you create a solid foundation for disability inclusion.

Each training session will guide participants through topics of ableism, building inclusive programs, teaching self-advocacy, reasonable accommodations and more. Participants will gain a greater understanding of ableism paired with how they can address institutional ableism and build inclusion within their organization.


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Why include Ableism & Disability in your DEI initiatives?


  • People with disabilities make up 26% of the population, the largest minority group in the United States.

  • However, the majority of DEI programs DO NOT include Disability and Ableism.

  • This leads to bias and discrimination in the workplace and disabled employees not feeling safe to seek the supports necessary to thrive in their positions. 


An info graphic with the following stats: 1 in 4 Adults has a disability, 96% of DEI Programs Do Not Include Disability, 76% of employees hide their disability at work

Everybody wins with Disability Inclusion

  • Workplaces that embrace disability inclusion initiatives gain access to a talent pool of more than 10 million people, the largest untapped group of job seekers in the country.

  • Inclusive working environments for disabled employees have a lower staff turnover, increased performance, and, on average higher revenues.  

An info graphic that has the following stats: Gain access to 10+ million untapped job seekers, 30% lower staff turnover, 28% higher revenue

Meet Some of Our Past Training Clients

Logos for: MA Service Alliance, 826 Boston, Tufts University, City Year, YW Boston, Boston Children's Hospital, uAspire, Zia, EasterSeals, Citizen Schools, NAGLY, Worcester ACTs, LABBB Collaborative, Kiva Centers, MA Promise Fellowship, Cotting School, Youth Move National
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"EPIC's trainings for our staff have helped us reflect on and shift our thinking about who our students are and what their capabilities are in the world."

-Teacher, Cotting School 


"EPIC helped us to learn more about how to recognize our own privileges as well as understanding challenges for those with disabilities in an ableist culture" - Participant from Laser College

By partnering with EPIC to meet your training needs, you will be supporting youth with disabilities across Massachusetts.

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