EPIC, Community Trainings

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EPIC, Community Trainings

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EPIC, Community Trainings

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EPIC, Community Trainings

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EPIC Trainings


EPIC's unique trainings provide individuals with and without disabilities the opportunity to explore topics such as disabilities, ableism, and inclusion. 


EPIC's inclusive team of trainers is comprised of youth and adults who offer trainings to schools, nonprofits, youth groups, and community programs throughout New England.


EPIC offers two types of Trainings.  Youth Training topics are specifically for youth with disabilities, and Community Training topics are specifically for both professionals who provide supports for youth with disabilities, and for groups who want to make their services more inclusive of people with disabilities.  EPIC will build a unique combination of training topics for the specific needs of your organization, school, or community group.

Youth Trainings


These interactive trainings are 

designed to support teens and young adults with disabilities to learn more about the topics of leadership, disabilities, self-advocacy, ableism, and goal setting.  Youth will complete each training with a new understanding of their abilities and how to utilize them through self-advocacy and leadership.



"I learned about who I am and about other disabilities."

~ youth participant


"As young leaders, we are one step closer to changing the world; we just need to use what EPIC has taught us. The worst thing we can do is become silent."  

~ student, Boston Public School


Training Topics:

  • Disability Awareness

  • Ableism

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Goal Setting

  • Leadership Skills

Community Trainings

These trainings are designed for professionals who currently provide services to youth with disabilities or who are looking to broaden their services to be more inclusive of young people with disabilities.


Each training session will guide participants through topics of ableism, building more inclusive programs, and teaching self-advocacy. Participants will gain a greater understanding of ableism paired learn how they can address institutional ableism and build inclusion within their organization.


"EPIC's trainings for our staff have helped us reflect on and shift our thinking about who our students are and what their capabilities are in the world."

~ Teacher, Cotting School 

Training Topics:

  • Disability Awareness

  • Ableism

  • Teaching Self-Advocacy

  • Building Inclusive Youth Programs

  • Engaging Youth with Disabilities in Community Service

What are people saying about EPIC Community Trainings?


This training gave me more respect and understanding for people with disabilities.” ~ Youth Participant


“It opened my eyes.” ~ Youth Participant


“The instructors taught me how to be a self-advocate.” ~ Participant at Northeastern University





Check out some of the organizations that have already benefited from EPIC Community Trainings:



Northeastern University

Cotting School

Bird Street Community Center

Saugus Public Schools

Winthrop Public Schools

Boston Public Schools

Massachusetts Service Alliance

Citizen Schools MA

YWCA Boston

MA Promise Fellowship


City Year NH