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EPIC Service Warriors is a community service and education program for youth with disabilities between the ages of 16-23. EPIC Service Warriors meet for one year to participate in community service projects in the City of Worcester. By creating the change they want to see in the world the Service Warriors learn more about local communities and develop practical skills that will help them develop as leaders and pursue future goals. We believe that every young person has a Warrior within. Are you ready to free your inner Service Warrior?


The Worcester EPIC Service Warriors Program runs for 13 months. During the year, Service Warriors will participate in an Opening Day/Orientation, a minimum of 12 community service projects, 10 leadership development workshops, and a Graduation Celebration.


Requirements to be a Service Warrior:













For questions or more information please email worcester@epicleaders.org

1. Be a young person between the ages of 16-23

2. Have a disability 

3. Be ready to create change in your community and life!

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